July 13, 2009

garden update

just in case you were wondering and just in case you need any large zucchinis!

this is just a smattering of what there is.
i swear everyday there is a huge one that wasn't there the day before!
i wonder how big they will be when i get back from utah!
something had been eating the tomatoes as they got red.
so i put some fancy stars in the garden and it hasn't benn back since!
feeling my roots! and yes, i AM in my jammies :)

my most favorite part of the garden.
they are my favorite flower.
I love how tall and thin the stem is
and yet it is strong enough to hold an amazing creation that looks to the sun!
happy bee!


Jan said...

I am right there with ya. Pretty garden and flowers. Just lovely.

Tristan said...

Beautiful flowers!!

Heidi Ashworth said...

I surely wish I could grow food! I have too much shade. Congrats ont the stars--the culprit must have been birds. They are scared of the shiny stuff.

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