April 24, 2008

It's a GIRL!

So, my first baby was a week late. I tried to induce labor with a castor oil/orange juice shake. Gross, but a little effective.  Anyway, my mom was coming on Monday and it was saturday. I went in Sunday and spent the next 36 hours on demeral. (This little county hospital didn't DO epidurals...)  I think the smile on my face in the previous post was from the drugs. I don't remember much of the time, except that my blood pressure was high so they kept me in bed, on my left side. I couldn't get up and walk around. I remember going to the bathroom and sitting for a long time. The nurse was a little concerned but I said I was fine. My husband tells me I kept yelling at him to turn the TV down because it was tooo loud. He says it was on mute! I remember him leaving around 4 or so in the morning to go get something to eat. Poor guy. He was a trooper, as was I. 

Time comes to push and I did so for about 2 hours until they decided to take her c-section. I was a bit unprepared for that. That was the part the teacher skipped over in our Lamaze class! My mom had 7 babies the V-way. Why couldn't I? They wheeled me into the OR around 4pm. They wouldn't put me to sleep until they got the catheter in. I had to PEE so bad that I was cramped up. I think they were worried but they didn't let on. I remember praying out loud. The sweet nurse stayed with Mark. I think he was pretty freaked out. We didn't have anyone close at the time. My mom was on her way, through the air, with a million lay overs. She called every time she landed (we were in Michigan, she was coming from CA)
When I woke up I had a baby girl. 8# 8oz. 21in long. Lots of black hair. I didn't get to see her for awhile and Mark had left to go get my mom. I got her around 7pm or so. It had been a long day. I just remember feeling that everything was right in the world and that my life was only going to get better. All I ever wanted to be was a mom, and there I was. A mom. 
Katelynn has a special place in my heart (they all do, but this is her post). She made me a mother. She is the beginning of my motherhood. She is my learning tool. As much as we have bumped heads, I hope she knows how much I love her and how grateful I am to her for being willing to be the FIRST. It's a hard roll to have, but I know she stepped up to the plate in heaven and said she'd be first. I am grateful for her example of faith and truth. I can't wait for her to experience holding her first newborn baby in her arms. There is no other feeling in the world. And there are no words to describe it either. 
I love you Katelynn. Thanks for making me a mom!

(more pictures to come. I'm running late for work!)


Christie said...

Happy, happy birthday to your girl! Glad to know our girls share the day, if only 14 years apart.

Christie said...

Oops, can't do math. That would EIGHT years apart. Duh.

Tristan said...

She was a beautiful baby! Wow that is quite the labor/birthing story!

Happy Birthday Katelynn!

Phoebe said...

The best part of this post is Mark's mustache.
Or maybe that Katelynn has always been such a GREAT girl. Lucky you!

utmomof5 said...

Happy Birthday Girl!! Have a great day!

The first child is such a guinie pig. Sometimes I feel bad for my son, we sort of practiced on him what to do with a child. :)

andrea said...

i am getting such a kick out of all your cropped photos that you are probably ripping out of a scrapbook and scanning.