April 15, 2008

What did you have for breakfast?

So, Sunday, Katelynn made a cake. Well, the cake part, anyway. We didn't have time to frost it for dessert. So Monday after work, Emma and I frosted it. Then Emma decorated it.

 After school we ate it. (and after dinner) 
For breakfast I had this~  (and some milk:) It was DELICIOUS!
(thank goodness for no patients this morning. Now I'm off on a little field trip with Emma and her preschool. I'll post about that later..)


andrea said...

i want cake. oddly, that looks so yummy to me right now. in spite of your daughter breathing all over it.

i'm so hungry. is it lunchtime yet? can you bring me some cake?

utmomof5 said...

Crap now I need to make a cake!!


Christie said...

Girlfriend, that is my kind of breakfast. God bless chocolate cake.

katie said...

cake for breakfast - awesome. Reminds me of the Cosby stand-up... dad is great, he gave us some chocolate cake... Ty sings this ALWAYS.

Tristan said...

MMMM cake...dang it! Chocolate cake with white icing is my FAV! Now I need some!

LOVE the Bill Cosby thing Katie mentioned!