April 12, 2008

Take me out to the Ball Game....

That's what my husband did. I know, we get enough baseball all week long, but his coworker gave him 2 tickets to the Giants game and he asked me on a date. I said yes, because I can stand to be around him, now! (and everyone else. even my mom! thanks to the meds) 

(not sure what I was looking at. NIce chins, huh?)
So we got there at the top of the 5th inning. The latest my husband has ever gotten to a game! But he was ok with it (child had practice and so on and so forth). We had a nice time just being together. It wasn't to crowded and we had a nice time just being together and taking. WITH NO KIDS TO INTERUPT US!  Just thousands of people. But It felt as if we were all alone. 
        (pretty good seats. this is without my zoom)
We decided to try and park at the closest parking lot - $30. Never again! But we didn't pay for the tickets and we only had $7 nachos, so not a bad date. 

(I totally dug this guys socks. They were kinda cute)
Funniest thing that happened to us was, we were walking over a little bridge to get to the ball park, where there were lots of street people:). A lady is walking very fast towards us and YELLS at my husband that she "HATES @%^$#%&# MICHIGAN AND HE SHOULD GO BACK THERE". Then she says "I #$^@&%^ HATE NIKE, TOO". You see he was wearing a Michigan sweatshirt made by Nike. Then she yelled at the guy behind us to go back to Seattle! We had a good laugh!

I'd still rather watch my kids play any day! Which was today :)

Rebecca pitching - struck a girl out!!!

Katelynn catching. I couldn't do it!!!

Emma being the cutest catcher ever. She totally digs it back there. Her coach is hoping to see her make a play at home! Maybe, but she's even better at 2nd or short!

Andrew, I'll get you next time. I couldn't be in all places at once, even though I did a pretty good job today!


Paige said...

so glad you feel better! Better living thru chemistry, huh?

Lorena said...

I'm glad you got to get out!

Yeah, your seats for your kids' games were WAAAYYY better.

Phoebe said...

Nothing like a date with the husband to get you back on track.

andrea said...

whatta guy.

you look different in every picture i see of you.

was the lady drunk or just rude? i'm glad you were able to just laugh at her. i would've felt compelled to punch her.

nice to see you cyber-smiling again.

Tristan said...

I really miss going on a date with my husband. I am SOOO glad that you got to go though! Pills are good right? I rolled my eyes at the part about the lady yelling at your hubby because we have been there! It is funny how they think they are being so cool or something. And like what they say is really hurtful to us or something! Weirdo people!

utmomof5 said...

Glad you are feeling better!

Anytime you get to have time with just hubby it is special. Gladyou had a good time!!

Bob Conlon said...

I'm so jealous you got to see the Cardinals play. My friend wanted me to come out to see the games last weekend, but I couldn't swing it.

Looks like you had fun.